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With tons of features at your fingertips,
welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility.

With tons of features at your fingertips,
welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility.

With tons of features at your fingertips,
welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility.

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Cloud storage

We will receive 10 GB additional cloud storage. You can also upgrade to by choosing Premium.

Calender Support

Add the schedule of your favorite sports team, TV show, or more to your Organizer so you never have to worry about missing out!

Maximum attachments Size

You can attach up to 50 mb to each email message, making it easy and convenient to send large or multiple files.


With you schedule with every meeting!! You adjust your timing with day to day activity if known to timily.

Email templates can be saved

You can unlocks additional templates that will help you in saving the templates which can be utlizing the way you want to be.

Features that your business needs dedicately.

We our email experience regular email is supported and can sustain with the help of advertisers. If you’ve ever had a standard email (such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.), you’ve probably seen ads every time you’ve logged into your account to check your emails.
With email, you never need to see an ad again when you’re trying to send or read an email. Additionally, a premium email will give you access to features that enable you to work more efficiently. These features will enhance your security, give you more storage, allow you to recover data you’ve lost, and stop spam and viruses from entering your inbox, to name a few.
However, it's worth noting that premium email services often come with a cost, and the features and pricing may vary between providers. It's important to research and compare different options to find the one that best fits your needs and budget. Ultimately, whether or not to use a premium email service depends on your specific requirements and priorities. If security and reliability are crucial to your business operations, then investing in a premium email service may be a worthwhile investment.

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If you have an email hosted with, you also have the possibility to use Premium Mail. Premium Mail offers a suite of tools to make your life easier.
Competitive analysis
Strategy and research
Trusted senders

Features that are included in Premium Mail

We understand the importance of efficiency and time management
Advanced Search

The advanced search feature in email services allows users to search through the body of their emails, rather than only being able to see the header. This feature is highly efficient and can be particularly useful when searching for a specific sentence or paragraph within an email.

Easy Sync

This feature is similar to IMAP; the difference is that you can sync your calendar and your contacts on all your devices as opposed to IMAP, where you can only sync your emails.

Login alerts

The Login alerts feature in email services can help ensure the security of your email account. With this feature, you will receive an alert every time someone attempts to access your account from a foreign location. If it was not you attempting to log in, you can take action immediately to protect your account from unauthorized access.

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